Hi everyone 

Katie here!

I just wanted to put this tab in to say hello and to let you know a bit more about me, and if you want to connect !!

Last year (June 2017), Whitney from Breaking Free with Whitney (@breakingfreewithwhitney) ~love you soul sista~ interviewed me, so to get a bit of background on my healing journey please have a read: https://www.breakingfreewithwhitney.com/breaking-free-interview-katie-polkinghorne/ 

Also while you're there (if you haven't already!! They're all amazing) - please read some of the other healing journey interviews and check out Whitney's posts and YouTube channel !!

                                                               Team Celery Juice 

I designed the Team Celery Juice illustration firstly, because I love you all, you inspire me, warm my heart, bring light into my soul. You've been there when no one else understood; the amount of support, encouragement and love that pours out of each of you every day is out of this world.

Having you all, the MM community, is one of the greatest blessings. I know you all feel the same! Being able to connect with such beautiful, strong, compassionate and incredible people all over the world has opened our hearts to the next level, our soul tribe has been brought together. 

Bringing these team uniforms to life was inspired by this beautiful connection and loving, caring and understanding community. So that we can feel connected even when we may be far apart, to inspire us to continue to spread the word of Anthony and Spirit, to start conversations, and to bring smiles to our faces and light into our hearts when things may be tough. We are a team, and we've got each others back. Knowing this strengthens our healing and inspires us further to spread the word and work in the name of God/source/Mother nature/Light (whatever you wish to call it)!

My hope too is that having and wearing these Team tops will make you smile and laugh. In Anthony's radio shows when he sometimes has celery juice with him, and says "well would you look at that, the celery juice guy is drinking his famous drink! Anthony William drinking his famous celery juice!" I just crack up! That's what these t-shirts/tanks remind me of! Can't help but smile. Thankyou Anthony for bringing SO much light into our lives!

I was thinking the other day. If I were to 5 years ago think that one day I would be preparing T-shirts for people all over the world celebrating a celery juice movement... I would just ... LOL. How wonderful is that! Isn't life an incredible, heart warming, mind-boggling experience. Gotta love it all.

And it goes without saying, that this wouldn't even be a thing without Anthony, @medicalmedium, who is changing lives and shedding light every single day of his life. I wish I could capture entirely how grateful I am for the work you do. The compassion flows out of you like nothing else I've ever known. It's as if you have suffered each of these conditions yourself. Your heart is so warm, so big and we all love you so much. Just to know that all of us here would still be in the dark without your selfless, incredible dedication to sharing Spirit's truth, really hits home to what a true gift this is. Where would we be without you? We all will rise to health with this knowledge, so that we can too work for God, to spread the light, the truth and to bring true healing to those who suffer. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. 

Always, sending my love, my healing prayersand light to you all. Thank-you for everything you do, are, will be, share... You are incredible! 

SO much LOVE, 


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@rosegoldspoonies (my dedicated to healing instagram/support network for those with chronic/invisible illness)

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